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We have carefully developed a system to track the cost of plant production so that we can still bring our customers the best prices for native plants as well as some exotics that we have grown for decades. Plant pricing is directly affected by the size and grade of the plant, regardless of what type of plant it is or how it is propagated.

Starting with this base of information, we then take into account what kind of plant it is, how it is produced, and how common it is. Finally, the quantity of plants that a customer purchases at one time influences the pricing. Bulk purchasing ensures a trade pricing structure, regardless of whether the customer is buying for themselves or for trade purposes.

This is a guideline, but pricing varies dependant on the difficulty of growing each plant. Pricing fluctuations can be expected from season to season as plant availability changes. Due to the nature of eco-sourcing seeds and cuttings each season, some years there is an oversupply of propagation material to be found in our natural environment and an undersupply in other years.

If you are looking for more than 150 of any one species, please contact us for a quote.

Not all species are available in all of the sizes in the table above. Plants are priced as marked in our online store.