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About Us

The Native Plant Nursery grows and supplies top quality plants for home gardeners, developers, landscapers, and its major infrastructure clients. Having been in the business for more than fifty years, The Native Plant Nursery is an acknowledged, well-respected leader in their field, producing more than three million superior plants every year for our own garden centres In Taupo, South Auckland and Christchurch, as well as supplying to major infrastructure, re-vegetation, landscaping, and commercial projects.

The original company was an off-shoot of the old Department of Lands & Surveys which was superseded by the Department of Conservation in the 1980s before shifting to private enterprise in the 1990s. Today many of the original investors remain part of the business which has become a national organisation, proudly distributing our carefully grown plants around the country.

The Native Plant Nursery was the first in New Zealand to recognise the value of eco-sourcing seed and to invest in the research and experimentation which ultimately resulted in plants perfectly suited to their intended environment. Following in the footsteps of the original Lands & Survey Department, today we provide plants for farming applications, the restoration of scenic parks, national parks and forests, as well as for large developments and infrastructure projects. Hand-collected from the local Taupo region originally, the eco-sourced seeds were propagated and grown at the local nursery to supply vegetation replanting for the Aratiatia Dam in 1962. The large-scale Aratiatia re-vegetation project was enormously successful leading to numerous subsequent eco-sourced projects.

In 2005 The Native Plant Nursery opened a second nursery in South Auckland as a growing site for many coastal plants and warmer climate species. This is the main growing site for Auckland and Northland clients. In 2012 a nursery near Lake Brunner, thirty minutes from Greymouth, was purchased.

The Lake Brunner nursery was relocated to Marshlands Road in Christchurch in 2016 and now supplies South Island customers with quality podocarp, regional wetland, and eco-sourced species, as well as providing a retail garden centre for home gardeners.

As the first specialist re-vegetation native plant nursery in New Zealand we now also serve home gardeners, lifestylers, and farmers, as well as providing growing-on lines for other nurseries. Our team comprises forty core staff and specialists across all three nurseries plus extra staff at peak seasons. The Native Plant Nursery specialists have extensive experience with ecological restoration, habitat enhancement and authentic landscaping.

In 2015 we undertook major investment in new technologies. 

Utilising GPS tracking and leading modern recording technology The Native Plant Nursery has built an impressive seed library. Each library entry has verified eco-sourcing, a requirement for all significant re-vegetation projects. It’s this knowledge and vast expertise that is present in every single plant grown by our nursery specialists. The ultimate winners are our customers who derive the benefit of the extraordinary care that underpins each seedling. Every plant has a verifiable history which is important information for optimum growing locations and conditions. Few other nurseries provide this calibre of plants or advice.


Mission Statement

The Native Plant Nurseries provides hardy, ecologically sourced, native plants for supply throughout New Zealand. We supply best quality plants on time and habitually exceed customer expectations. Our people are our best resource and we invest in their advancement and continued improvement. We advocate and promote conservation by providing for the rehabilitation of our natural environment through partnering with key industry leaders and developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our aim is to preserve as much of our natural environment as we can and wherever viable, to restore modified areas as close to their ‘natural state’ as possible.

Eco-Sourcing Methodology

 The Native Plant Nurseries Eco-sourcing policies, processes, and procedures, adhere to the Waitakere City Council Eco-Sourcing Code of Practice and Ethics, the accepted industry standard for eco-sourcing. The Native Plant Nurseries assisted in the critique of this document in its final production phase.

 The Native Plant Nurseries utilises the following eco-sourcing definition: Eco-sourced plants are those which are grown from seeds or propagules collected from naturally occurring vegetation in close proximity to the intended replanting location of restoration or re-vegetation projects. During collection we ensure the utmost care of our environment. We collect a maximum of 10% of the seed of any one tree, always leaving sufficient for the use of the natural environment. We take careful measures to preclude the introduction of new seeds, pests, and diseases into the collection area.

The Native Plant Nurseries’ Taupo site includes one of the largest private native seed cool-storage facilities in New Zealand. The specifically designed cool store is able to store over 100 million seeds in a controlled environment, maximising the life of the seeds. This seed storage facility is also used to store native seed collected by some DOC departments and territorial authorities. Seed is processed, cleaned and stored either dry, or stratified, depending on species.

The Native Plant Nurseries was the first in New Zealand to pioneer this philosophy and are proud leaders in the field. 

 Core Activities

At The Native Plant Nurseries our core business is eco-sourcing native seed, and propagating and growing-on quality native plants for infrastructure and landscaping projects. We also work where necessary with a number of ‘landscaping partners’ to provide planting services in a full ‘turn-key’ service. We are mindful of industry relationships and when necessary, supply only to a contractor’s preferred landscaper. Our core industry projects are as follows:

  • Infrastructure and roading projects
  • Wetland planting projects
  • Riparian planting projects
  • Local Council projects
  • Commercial and land development projects
  • General landscaping projects


We have developed a state-of-the-art in-house computer inventory programme to track stock throughout the growing process, with particular reference to eco-sourced plant tracking. GPS units for seed collection recording are located at all three nurseries, Auckland, Taupo and Christchurch.

We Deliver:-

  • Exceptional expertise and experience via our generally long-standing employees
  • Employee loyalty with a desire to exceed customer expectations.
  • Eco-sourcing, tracking, verification, registration and maintenance of seed collected from around New Zealand.
  • Broad selection of native and exotic plant species appropriately propagated for their intended conditions.
  • Accurate production and delivery planning and programming. 
  • Large scale nurseries providing diverse species, and the ability to deliver nationwide coverage for immense projects of national significance.
  • A proven track record in the supply and delivery of large, complex projects.
  • Maximum quality control standards, monitored constantly, reviewed, and improved, over all aspects of our operations.
  • An acknowledged reputation as a grower of native plants which survive planting and thrive in open, harsh, and exposed sites.
  • In business for more than fifty years, we have accumulated, and bring to bear on each new project, a prodigious and diverse range of experience.
  • Diverse plant stock with many suitable choices for any New Zealand regional habitat, from mountains to the sea.
  • We do not compete with our customers.
  • Solutions driven, we offer professional, flexible services.
  • The Native Plant Nurseries is aware of, and takes appropriate precautions to mitigate all biosecurity risks.